Basslet: Feel The Music

The Basslet is a wearable subwoofer for your body. Using a whole new technology for sound, it delivers the beats and basslines of your music directly to you – so you can literally feel the music. The result is a powerful sound experience that headphones alone cannot provide.

The Basslet is a masterpiece of engineering. It puts the power and accuracy of a large sound system into a device that fits on your wrist. It is completely silent to the outside world – and despite the size, it makes you feel like you are surrounded by sound.

What People Are Saying
"... it’s a cool concept for music enthusiasts or gamers looking to add a little oomph to their experiences." – TechCrunch

“The precision of the bass frequencies is astonishing. It adds a new dimension and depth to music listening.”– Engadget

“The Basslet is like a subwoofer for your wrist!” – übergizmo

“Every time the bass drops you’ll feel vibrations through your whole body.” – NME

“An accessory that takes listening to music from just another hobby, to a truly immersive and memorable experience. The Basslet changes the way we listen to music.” – The American Genius

“We could think of Basslet as the subwoofer for headphone wearers as well as a way to make music an even more visceral experience.” – Ask.Audio

Feel The Sound
Sound is meant to be felt, not just heard. It’s the physical dimension that makes the difference.

Feel the music – anywhere you go
Today we take our music with us – on the bus, at the gym, on the plane. With the Basslet, we can finally take the massive experience of live music anywhere we go.

  • Enjoy massive sound on the go.
  • Block the world around you.
  • Boost your performance with the energy of your music.

DJs & music creators: feel the sound
Low end gives music its power. With the Basslet, you can feel the thump of a kick drum or the groove of a funky bassline throughout your body.

  • Feel the full bass spectrum (10-250 Hz) with maximum precision.
  • Monitor your music, even at low volumes.
  • Produce anywhere – your portable monitor is on your wrist

Immersive gaming & VR
Jump into your game and feel the heat of the action as if you're there.

  • Experience the epicness of the audio environment.
  • The Basslet enhances the feeling of immersion.
  • Get physical feedback from your environment: punches, explosions, kickback – and much more.

Easy to Use
Connect the sender to your phone, laptop or music player and plug in your headphones.
Strap the Basslet to your wrist – you’re done!

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