Love Has A Name by Faithful Georgewill and Pamela Scott

We have heard many songs about love, we have heard them in different versions and styles, but very seldomly, do we find people singing about love the way Faithful Georgewill and Pamela Scott put it on this project.

To redefine LOVE and personify it as Jesus, moves it from being a concept, a feel-good idea to an identity, a person - LOVE HAS A NAME. Faithful Georgewill brings his timeless vocals and soul to this version sharing with the world, a never before experienced sentiment in worship, alongside Pamela Scott whose voice is the grace of many angels and doubles as the original writer of the song, under the title "Love Equals Jesus".

This timeless exhortation by both hearts, brings a warm reminder so us that our idea of love is not an illusion but the person of Jesus. Our desire with this revere version is to gently and most lovingly steer the church in the direction of reverential worship making it a culture, while showing the love of Christ.

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