The Waffle: Patience and missed chances


Today is a rather lazy day where I am. The sun is hungover from the wild partying of last night and whilst there was some sort of downpour in the wee hours of the day, it's very much petered down to a drizzle and has stayed that way. The weather isn't particularly cold, it's just not as insanely hot as it has been in recent times. This in itself is a welcome development - if I can effectively call it that.
This weather very much reminds me of my 3rd first day in a University, I came with two intentions, one degree - this time something that was purely my desire - and the will to finally get into a relationship - with a lady of course. I had not really begun my search when I saw her and there was a tingle in my lower back telling me this is the one, however, I decided to be patient and observe, no rush. When you are well beyond teen age, there is always never a rush. You're a man now, with clear cut desires or things to see in a woman and so when you see anyone who looks even close physically you start to checkout for other virtues and this was what I sought out doing. Everyday, I would see one thing that ticks my to-have box, however I never made the approach.
One day though I realise this wonderful woman was in a relationship, one she got into within the time I was scouting her. That was it! What's the deal here? When is it time to draw the line under being patient and just go for what we want? Patience is a great, godly virtue and you are sure to excel with it but really one can be patient to a fault... The patient monkey may not get the best Banana

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