Opinion : We Failed Nigeria – Subomi Plumptre

Subomi Plumptre is an executive in one of the finest consulting firms you can find across the Africa space. She is a strategist, serial investor, and social media influencer. Known also for her critical, expressive yet very intelligent view to subject that concern Nation building and her economics, Subomi Plumptre is high sought after.

On her blog today, she shared her heart felt impression about this generation of Nigerians in the face of all of the challenges. While many people would point fingers at the older generation, She us of the opinion that this generation rather take the blame.

She wrote:

"In moments of brutal honesty, I acknowledge that Nigeria didn’t fail my generation. We failed her.

Historically, there have been other nations that were just as bad as Nigeria, yet their people turned them around.

Perhaps we should admit that we do not possess the character, insight, wisdom, networks, power, money and even luck, needed to change Nigeria. Maybe we should cop to the fact that we are afraid of taking on those who lead us. Then in humility, let us decide to support those who seem to possess the qualities that we lack."

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