The Waffle: Beautifully Broken

Life happens to us all. We are born into this world, pure, untainted, pristine. Evil contrary to popular opinion is second nature on our arrival here, no man was born bad, or wicked or stuff like that. Our inclinations are shaped, moulded, built by the sum total of our experiences here on this planet. If we believe in ghosts, it's because our environment shaped us that way, we believe in true love, it's because we've seen love conquer, if any of us becomes a sociopath, it's because our environment took us down that line. 
Life happens to us all. A baby is born, with curiosity it comes to this world and a genuinely positive incandescence to humanity, but our person, who we become, whether we like it or not is shaped by the sum total of our day to day experience in life. That's what happens to that baby who would happily walk into a strangers arm and lay on his shoulder comfortably in sleep but when she's a teenager will have several second thoughts about doing the same. When did the not trusting begin? When did the idea that every person you don't know is potentially your very enemy set in?  Life happened. 

Our experiences go a long way to make us who we are. They influence our choices, help us make our decisions and every decision is a step towards a certain destiny. A path one set on can hardly lead to a destination which isn't on its course. The things we see, hear, read, feel and experience first hand decide who we become. No matter how hard we try to not let it influence us, it somehow does. 

I'm not waffling in the usual way today because I am sad, unhappy. That beauty and pristine nature we come to the world in is broken, taken away from us. We cannot be that again, ever! We are all broken. For some, they are shattered beyond recovery, and will forever only be a shadow of themselves never ever really able to heal no matter how much they fight it, they are broken for life, damaged. For others they just stay listless, they don't even try to fight it, it's over they simply just cave in and let the dark side take over completely. There are some who battle their bravest and try to look in the mirror and see someone beautiful, they see that but deep down inside, they know they are beautiful but broken. Beautifully broken. 

They say life happens to us all and there is nothing anyone can do about it. When you enter earth realm, you're in it till you breathe your last. Broken bottles may not be able to hold a drink anymore but could become a beautiful work of art, a collage worthy of the best exhibition ever. If that experience scarred you, don't keep peeling off the scabs, allow it to morph into something beautiful. So someone broke your heart, your trust, took your smile? Let it go. Just let it go. There's a beauty in you that can be there for the world to make it a brighter, better place. 

They say life happens to us all, I say we make the most of it count. Till next time, I'm still the one and only Sharpman Olumati 

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