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Good morning and welcome back from your respective vacations. For some of us it was pretty quiet. We just sat in, staring at the empty street and wondering what a zombie apocalypse would look like. Would the streets be as deserted as this? Would people build bunks underground and hide to avoid getting the dreaded zombie bite that infects you and turns you into a zombie right away (Shudders). Makes you wonder how the world will come to an end. Is it really by an apocalypse triggered by some biological experiment gone wrong as Hollywood narratives will tell us? Or will we see an angel clad in white blowing a sax to some jazz tunes and then people begin to defy gravity whilst others scream "the aliens are here! Alas we were not alone"... Ah I digress.

Narratives that's the point, the focal point of my musing today, my waffle... Everything in the world these days seem to carry or follow a narrative. See sports and I'll take football *coughs* as an example for instance, every season its a new narrative for each team. Arsenal never buy players, Arsene Wenger is too stringent so they won't win anything, every year is a miss back to back, emirates ti take over and all that hollering. Narratives created by the media, see where they are now? I'm not saying Arsenal have won the English Premiership, I'm just saying they're top of the table and the favourite for that position according to media narrative, Chelsea fc are somewhere in 14th.
So what precisely is the narrative created around you? Are you from a poor home and someone says you can't be successful because you don't have money to bring your ideas to life? Is your narrative that you are in an environment which does not allow your kind of abilities or business to flourish? Meh! Narratives are all that they are, a creation meant to have a beautiful twist ( we all love a nice twist in a movie. If you recall Luscious Lyon in jail... Oh I loved that scene where he said "kill him and make it slow and loud"). You too can apply the twist of fate. Make your narrative what you want it to be, not what someone said. Be your own scriptwriter not an actor in someone else' movie.
That's all for today. We will have captivating stories for you and you shouldn't miss that.

I am the one and only, Sharpman!
Now where's that sugar cup?

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