​Guess who is writing a book for newly weds? 

November is already seeming to be a good month for many people and there  is love and wisdom in the air. 

One of Port-Harcourt's finest Gospel artiste Mercy Uduma, popularly known as Sista Mercie took to Facebook to say.. 

"In November of 2008, I got married to my man. We were both starry-eyed and 'butterflied-stomached' when we tied the knots that beautiful Saturday evening. It was a dream come true...

A few weeks down the road, I realized that my marriage was not a fairy tale...It was a reality. A beautiful, confusing, scary and interesting reality.

Being a writer, it was only natural for me to pen down nuggets I learned as I went along. Some of these came to me as whispers from the Holy Spirit, some came from counsel from older women, some I learned by experience. I named the notepad 'I'm Learning...' and I consult it often.

I have shared several of these nuggets with other young wives with whom I have prayed and counselled concerning their own marriages. And they all have been blessed and lifted by them.

Last year, after my 7th wedding anniversary, I decided to share my lessons with the world - with the many young women out there who received the shock of their lives soon after they tied the knot. (Trust me, if you are not in this category, you will not understand.)

I have sieved it through to remove those ones I considered very personal and have titled it 'Beneath Every Rose'. 

To celebrate my 8th wedding anniversary, I will be sharing 100 thoughts for young wives to think on.

My husband approves it. LOL.
It's an e-book.
Wait for it... 

Mercy Uduma has been married for eight years and has two amazing boys. If you won't want to get her book as a Lady. Get it because you need to know how she has been able to stay trim and beautiful for her husband after eight years and two boy and how she manages the boys almost effortlessly. You need that knowledge.

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