Anybody can do music but not everybody knows great music – Producer, coRektSounds

Prinx Emmanuel is a young Nigerian Music Producer . He is the founder of coRecktSound. He is also a recording and performing artist at Mirus Empire. He is also producer at Mirus Empire.

Prinx Emmanuel has worked with the likes of  Kaydee Numbere, Okey Sokey, Afy Douglas, Joe Jeph, Ruth Ohams, Faithful Georgewill, Sammy Hart, Desmond David and Sotiee.

Soje: Good afternoon Sir
Prinx Emmanuel: Good evening
Soje: hope you good
Prinx Emmanuel: Yeah I am, how about you?
Soje: I'm good.

Soje: How did you start producing and what gave you the motivation to stay with it?
Prinx Emmanuel: Okay some years back 2011 precisely I followed a friend to the studio, my first time though(smiles) I was amazed seeing the production process I was really excited. So I told myself I was gonna go into this thing. I spoke to my friend about that day, and he agreed to take me to the owner of the studio so I started (smiles). I've always been a very fast learner so the first two days I was already doing fine.

Soje: With all the music producers in Nigeria, what made you think that you were still going to be successful in this field?
Prinx Emmanuel: I believed in my sound 👌 I still do

Soje: Did you have any doubts in your mind that you weren’t going to be successful? If so,what did you do to prevent yourself from giving up?
Prinx Emmanuel: No! I always wanted to be abstract and unique and a lot of people told me, "mehn the way you are going, are you sure anything will come out?", but like I said earlier, I had a strong belief that one day very soon people will buy my sound🙂

Soje: How long did it take you roughly to start excelling with your career?
Prinx Emmanuel: 3yrs

Soje: You also a recording and performing act at Mirus Empire?  How do you combine both?
Prinx Emmanuel: Hmmm! It has not been easy playing coRektsound and Prinx Emmanuel in this movie sha🙂. But like the bible says "there's time for everything". When its time for the producer he does his thing vice versa.

Soje: How long did it take you roughly to start excelling with your career?
Prinx Emmanuel: After 3years of some underground preparations people started believing and of course buying the sound

Soje: How did you build contacts and/or clients?
Prinx Emmanuel: Testimonies of friends and the few people I worked with

Soje: You worked with lots of Artist . Who did you enjoy working with and Why?
Prinx Emmanuel: Kaydee numbere and Sammy Hart.
Kaydee would always push me to do it right And Sammy is just always ready to deliver.

Soje: How many times have you fallen down, so to speak, and had to get back up and get yourself motivated again to continue?
Prinx Emmanuel: Hahahahaha, more than 10 times oh. The times I can remember tho!
Soje: hahaha

Soje:  If there was one word you could use to explain your experience so far while working as a music producer, what would it be?
Prinx Emmanuel: Amazing!!! You get that feeling when you go for an event and then some of the artistes your friends crave get to always stop by to show you love and respect🙊

Soje: Maintaining a successful career takes a lot of work and commitment, how much time do you dedicate towards your work?
Prinx Emmanuel: Oh yeah! knowing I have a brand image to protect I tend to put in a lot of time and commitment to make sure, I'm always on point.

Soje: What steps did you take to advertise and get your business out to the people?
Prinx Emmanuel: The social media. I helped my clients promote their songs and gave out some free beats for downloads and all. And the coRektsound trademark was on almost every job I did too, so....

Soje: Have you ever embarrassed yourself? If so, how did you overcome the incident?
Prinx Emmanuel: So far I don't think I've been in any serious embarrassing situation. There have been some flops but somehow I was able to scale through

Soje: Have there ever been a time where you haven’t gotten your work done on time? If so, how did you deal with it?
Prinx Emmanuel: Yes there have been times like that but my first impression was always spot on so the client would just have to understand and adjust. Impressions.

Soje: What goals did you have set before you started your career?
Prinx Emmanuel: 1. To take the gospel to the street with great tunes. Back then producers in the city I live had one very boring style of doing music so it affected the artistes and the kind of songs in the air waves so one of the goals or aims was to coRekt. So that brought about the trademark coRektsound.

Soje: How would you describe your music? 
Prinx Emmanuel: Music is important for most people because, some people feel a connection with the lyrics of a song, or if it’s an instrumental piece it may remind them of another place or remind them of something while they listen to it. Aside the fact that I am a multi genre artiste my kind of music is the one that you easily connect to because of my lyrics. I mean my choice of words and phrases. So in one word its captivating.

Soje: The Gospel is a bit overcrowded how do you intend to set yourself apart?
Prinx Emmanuel: Anybody can do a great music but not every musician can do music or create sounds that will stand the the test of time or say music that when you listen to them 5 yrs from now you'll be like okay this sound is on point. So I intend to do great sounds that will not just disappear from the face of the earth like any other.

Soje: Why gospel and not R’n’B or soul music?
Prinx Emmanuel: It has to do with my personal conviction. I just to spread goodnews, that's all. So you see, I can do soul goodnews and R'n'B goodnews😂

Soje: Your single ‘Brother Nwachuku’ is doing well on BuyMirus site and played on radio more often, talk us through.
Prinx Emmanuel: Actually I took the song to be one of those studio play things. If you were there when I started the recording, you'll be like what are you doing oh because there's a studio at you disposal you know😂 and somehow I knew it was gonna be a great jam, of course half way in the creation process people were already begging to get the song. And I kinda faced a lot of challenges during the creation process, I think that's usually the sign because it got to a point I wanted to release another song and just forget about the Brother Nwachukwu for now you know, but I thank God in all I was able to do it and here we are 😄
Soje: That's Interesting lol.

Soje: How did you team up with Mirus Alpha?
Prinx Emmanuel: Wow! Thats a long story though but you know its usually, somebody believed and told some other person that told somebody that told another person and I was signed thanks to Sotiee😂😂😂

Soje: Sotiee has a way of believing in good talents
Soje: Who inspires you musically?
Prinx Emmanuel: Its not just one person. Oh well, I have to be careful not to mix it up with list of people that influenced my kind. But most of all Me. I am the source of my own musical inspiration it comes from my life experiences, trials, hopes and dreams.  And observation. And somehow my lyrics also connect to others with the same ideas and situations and also how the melodies impacted and defined other musicians and how their abilities as musicians added a whole new depth, dimension and perspective to my songs.

Soje: What does the future hold for Prinx Emmanuel ?
Prinx Emmanuel: The future is bright you might go blind even with shades on. I know that in the future Prinx Emmanuel will be a great influence in the the music industry of Nigeria and beyond.

Soje: Is there any additional advice you can give upcoming Producers and artist to help along the way to a successful career?
Prinx Emmanuel: Just keep doing you and Work hard

Soje: Thank you Prinx Emmanuel.
Prinx Emmanuel: Thank you too.


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