Daniel D’Humorous Responds To Haters

After being banned from anchoring an event based on political reasons which he was best fit to handle based on his intellectual racing, Popular comedian, Mc and Anchor man decides to set the record straight With his "Haters"


"Lets straighten out the issues

1) the MSME connect is an event organized by a consulting firm owned by my friends who aren't of Rivers origin

2)the Rivers State government is in no way sponsoring the event in any measure whatsoever to the best of my knowledge.

3)I was called up to be the compere and not that I offered myself as wrongly touted by some bitter elements.

4) the two govt functionaries are amongst the 5 speakers billed for this event

5)usually comperes or MCs are not advertised on such events but I was...you know why?? Value...I got that .. Them folk should try and get some of that too...it takes one far in life

6) The Facebook warlords pressure their principals to decline attendance if they were still gonna stick to their guns to have me on the event

7) some even went as far as threatening to cause a ruckus if I'm spotted at the venue

8) the organizers had to make a hard choice between two intellectually sound minds that will benefit the participants and a competent compere on the heels of the greats like Soni Irabor ,Bisi Olatilo and Dr Henry Nzekwu to mention but a few

9) I never knew having a differing opinion in politics is a crime in these climes (please come jail me,no trials needed)

10) If not supporting a candidate or party is what you call insult ...by a all means take a crash course in semantics please

11) like my man Monkals Kalu says "I get respect" .... If we did insult wike as much as you are claiming ..why has the NBC not queried us yet

12) this talent is inherent ...I am privileged to be among the wolf pack in my industry ...try and be that in yours ,,,that's if you got any tho..

14) that govt wouldn't participate in a programme because of an ordinary MC..,y'all need to buy me drinks...I'm an OG for Pete's sake

15)  now I see why the "youths" are only given SA New Media across all government climes

16) some of us dreamt of performing and selling out places like the Apollo theatre and we have started from Aztech Arcum....nwanne get a dream and follow it...Govt house parlour was Neva my dream ..I only passed through it and I'm thankful to God for the privilege

17) like I said ....this skill is natural and flawless ...fresh like a baby's breath ...I didn't need to take a 3 day course in MCing where I sponsored my protege, gave a pep talk and even tutored your tutors ...

18) I am however worried about the level of parochialism and narrow mindedness our dear "youths" have fallen under

19) try and visit other pages/sites apart from your self gratificating pages and be abreast with what I'm about

20) finally,my pastor said ..we should respond to every hate or hater with one more level of success ...Watch this Space...Sone of us where born with that cute eight letter word AMBITION  and dat sweet five letter word VALUE ...

Have a great day my people ...God Bless ...this is the end of my 20point agenda to cretins and simpletons of our time... Maybe for now ....

Daniel C Nnwoka
Daniel D Humorous
Duke of Nigerian Comedy
Duke of Elele ....."

With this well articulated piece, There is no doubt that Mr Daniel is fitting for a political appointment Of some sort

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