Girls In Tech: Blessing Orazulume

Meet one of the girls in tech from Nigeria. She currently works at Andela.

NAME: Blessing Orazulume
OCCUPATION: Software Developer


Hear what she has to say

“As a young girl, I fell in love with mathematics by solving word problems, equations, and geometry. At the Federal University of Agriculture in Abeokuta, Nigeria I decided to study Computer Science because I could solve real life problems with the computer. I started coding actively after I was done with the University in JavaScript, Java and Android.”

“I used the FAN stack (Firebase, AngularJS, Node.js) technology to build a personal planner that helps people stay organized by adding appointments and important tasks to their schedule. I needed to speed up my learning process during my training as a software developer, so I started with this as a side project. Since I needed an app like this anyways, I decided to build it! I wanted to build an app which would suit my needs and at the same time make life easier for people. Using my app gave me the feeling that I can make a difference.”

“I’m currently working on an Android app that will allow school owners register their schools and give detailed information. I want to solve the problem of finding the right school best fit for a child. I have a younger brother who is 6 years old now. When he wanted to start schooling it was difficult trying get him a good school. We would go to various schools, look at their offerings and infrastructure and so on before we could arrive at a decision. This could be avoided if there was enough publicity and also a platform where the information can be obtained about schools. So I decided to build the app, which will be a platform where schools can register and parents can see the information.”

“One principle I think people should follow is that whatever you find yourself doing, no matter how little, do it well. This has always worked for me. And another thing is you will experience failure but its okay. Thomas Edison failed 10,000 times while building the light bulb, and he said he just found thousand ways of doing it wrong. Make failure an option, I’m not saying you shouldn’t try to be perfect but it’s okay to fail, you will learn from your failures and perfect whatever you are doing”

So you too as a girl can pretty much be involved in tech and earn a living from tech.

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