New Music: #Why by Sammy Hart

On this jaw dropping piece of art, Mirus Empire's prolific lyricist Sammy Hart morphs into the role of the Priest King as He casts his thoughts outside of the enclosure of the church to take a look into the activities and indignity of this present times to ask #WHY.

#Why, questions man's seemingly deliberate inhumanity to his fellow man.
#Why questions the blatant lack suffered by many even in the midst of plenty.

#Why questions unsavory government policies.
#Why questions the epidemic called moral decadence even in the midst of increased knowledge.

#Why questions the alarmingly poor standard of education regardless the rapidly increasing number of educational institutions.

When we have so much godliness, what went wrong with LIFE?
Have you ever had cause to ask why?

You would have cause to play that again...

Download Here


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