Nigerians Decide : Take Down ABAYOMI SHOGUNLE’s Twitter Account Nigerians Demand Twitter Inc

Nigerians on twitter have raised a petition against the Nigerian Assistant Commissioner Of Police (ACP), requiring twitter to take down His Twitter account @YomiShougunle. At the time of making this report, over 7,000 people had signed the petition.The petition decries the insensitivity of the police boss to the brutal and unjust operations of the Special Anti Robbery Squad SARS created by the Federal Government.The APC who doubles as the head of the PPCRU “POLICE PUBLIC COMPLAINT RESPONDS UNIT” has also been accused of having insensitive and debasing twitter interactions with Nigerians who have been said to report cases using the platform."In Nigeria today there is an increasing lack of care to human life. Recently so many innocent citizens have been killed unjustly. The most terrifying is that of the Special Anti Robbery Squad SARS created by the federal government of Nigeria to combat crimes. Their activities of late have ranged from extortion, kidnapping and demanding ransoms in form of bail and lastly killing citizens without being punished. At the wake of public cry, an office PPCRU “POLICE PUBLIC COMPLAINT RESPONDS UNIT” was created by the police to address the complaints about the sars menace.

Sadly, the “Head” of this PPCRU ABAYOMI SHOGUNLE with twitter handle @YomiShogunle has shown himself to be a complete misfit and incompetent officer. His interactions with Nigerians on twitterNG are full of unbridled arrogance and total disdain for their concerns which his unit is supposed to treat with all seriousness. He has likened the concerns of Nigerians who have suffered brutality at the hands of Police and their murderous unit SARs to nightmares and asked them to seek psychiatrists help instead. “Uncle” Yomi Shogunle epitomizes the crassness of the average Nigerian Police officer. His unrefined and irresponsible way of responding to concerns from Nigerians is an evidence that he lacks the proper emotional intelligence and ethical fitness to be the face of the Nigerian Police in their bid to end police brutality and address Public Complaint. He has no business serving in PPCRU let alone serving in the Nigerian Police Force.

Since the wake of the campaign #EndSARS #ReformPoliceNG Yomi Shogunle has made a mockery of the Nigerian people and laughed out loud about most complaints and has gone as far as denying such deadly acts by SARS ever happened. We appeal that his twitterNG @YomiShogunle handle taken down to stop him from causing more pain to the victims and their families through his cover-up and mockery tweets."
See link to the petition

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