Popular Port Harcourt Entertainer “Barz” freed from abductors

In what looks like an abduction of the wrong person, Victor Akpomon popularly known Barz who was abducted on Saturday evening 9th September 2017 on his way home from a radio show "HipHop Lounge with Bill Cosby", has been freed the early Monday morning September 11th 2017.

Barz got missing on Saturday evening after a radio show with his manager Jason Hart. He was taken by gunmen dressed in police uniforms and all attempt to locate him proved abortive. Video director Bobby Rak had lead a search campaign and also working with the State Police Command. All search proved abortive until early hours of Monday morning when Barz called Bobby Rak to report his location and also explained his ordeal.

He had been abducted by unknown gunmen dressed in Police Uniforms in a Toyota Camry he explained. They later blindfolded him and took him to an unknown location where they interrogated him and kept asking him to call chief. When he explained he knew nothing about this and was just coming from the radio station and was going home before he was carried away.,they left him alone. And later on Monday morning he was blindfolded once more and taken out of the location to somewhere in Isiokpo where he was left to himself.

He finally found his way home to join his family.

Listen to his full report below


1. Beware of dark and lonely alleys, streets, roads (especially when you are just visiting the area and you don't really know the place)
2. Always walk with someone you know when visiting a new place.
3. Ensure to keep your phone(s) charged and loaded with call credit in case of emergency
4. Avoid shortcuts if it's too late. Always use the main routes when moving late nights (more people would be on these routes)
5. Avoid crowd gatherings as much as you can (especially if you don't know what's going on)
6. Try to memorize an emergency number (or write down any emergency numbers you might need just in case you loose your phone)
7. Beware of strangers (especially at night)
8. Try to take note of the place you are just in case you miss your way

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