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I have a friend who is exceptionally gifted in every seeming way as an artiste. Great song writer, composer, arranger, singer, music director and musician. We have been friends for ten years now and I tell you he has made some great music which I think the world needs to hear, appreciate and be a part off. But here is the challenge my friend is #TalentedButStuck, and his curse is what I refer to as criticism paralysis.

As a music business coach and manager I have met many of his kind severally as I consistently tour states, participate as a judge in several musical contest and grace concert. One thing is common amongst all of these folks, they are super talented, and like to see themselves as perfectionists.  This for me is the curse of the super talented wanna be perfect folks – excuse my informal use of words there. They get too critical about their works and end up not taking the needed steps. They are forever stuck on a project looking out for some sort of extreme perfection, which I would always say – as long as there are different strokes for different folks – such perfection is never in view.

You find such people at events on the back row, behind the TV and Radio complaining and wondering why and how less talented people get booked on at Events, have radio air play, TV interviews and get to sign endorsements. Simple! They dared to bring forth what they had at the best that they had put in.

It will surprise you how many people will fall in love with what you have if you can just let down your “perfectionist guard” – that isn’t profiting you after all – and come out with your talent.

I realise that the majority of my readers are from Africa, Nigeria. Allow me to make a glaring example. The King of Dance Hall TIMAYA…. Yes I am sure you know that name. Timaya dropped his very first Album in 2007 did you notice that there was something wrong with that album? I guess maybe not. That album was neither, mixed or mastered. Shocked? The singer couldn’t fix that part, sure it had to do with finance but what did it matter? He didn’t let that stop him. He let it out and the rest is history.

Have I said go all out and be careless about your works and presentations? Nahhhhhh…. All I am saying is let down that part of you that keeps saying you are inadequate, you haven’t gotten it right, and it keeps you at a spot. You never really get perfect rehearsing and practicing - you get perfect performing on the job.

Finally take this seriously: if you ever get on person to love your work, then you are sure to have ten thousand persons to love the same work, just get it out. Don’t let Criticism Paralysis leave you #TalentedButStuck

Olumati Isaiah is an exceptional Public Speaker/music business coach/ Manager with a dynamic thought pattern. He is the writer of the Music Business/Talent Development Series #TalentedButStuck and the Initiator of the Music Business Session.

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Twitter: @mrolumatii

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