#TalentedButStuck : What’s the Big deal, you are talented ?

So What You Are Talented?

Frankly Talent is not enough. It has never being enough. If all you bring to the table of the music business is talent then you are most likely going to be sitting on that table alone for a very long time or would most probably be exploited. Talent will get you to the door but be sure that that’s how far it can get you.

The world is littered with so many talented people; if this is the case then there must be something extra that stands the others out from the crowd.
When considering the music business talent is only 20% of the required necessities, except in the case where you do not intend to attract some financial value with your talent. Now the big question would be: what exactly could one add to talent as it affects the music business? That’s some question there. I will attempt to provide a few thoughts I believe will be relevant and worthy of note.

Knowledge is Key; in my opinion there is no secret in the music business its just what you know and what you don’t know. The best you can be is within the confines of what you know. It is therefore imperative that you get knowing and understanding the Business of your talent.

Observe The Competition and Do It Better; I have never fail to inform my audience that the world is in a constant competition. Everyone is in a rat race to offer more intense relevance to be most in demand the same you find in the music business. Some one is somewhere constantly working to offer better music than you. Someone wants to take your place! There is a competition! You had better start observing the competition and doing it better before you are rung over by some kid.

Go out- Find the Connect; the music business requires intentional and conscious efforts. You can’t seat at home waiting to get an invites. The artistes who get on in the industry are the ones that go out and look for the connections the want and if they cant find them, make the. Go out there, make the needed connect; send in mails, book meeting sessions. Don’t sit home playing video games.

Increase your Visibility; now more than ever a visual presentation is important for the growth and survival of a business and for the development of a music artiste. You need to deliver a conceptualization of whom you are and what you are, and there must be a visual component that defines that concept.

Get a Manager; Self management is fine but there is only a limit you can connect or gain access without one. Having a manager and a team cannot be over looked.

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