#TheChroniclesOfMrOlumati : Do You Want To Be Right or Just Win The debate


Three days ago i came back home. I tried to have some rest and relieve myself from all Of the racing thoughts that continue to flood my Mind. Alas, being a game changer in my capacity is no small task. The night was fast falling in, and this January heat could Make you loose your mind . Anyways, i was in bed like a log Of wood thanking God for shelter over my head while wondering how folks without homes were fairing.

The House was quiet, a home With Peace. What more could i ask for a the time? I stretched to turn on the standing fan just beside my bed, then i closed my eyes to properly savour the peace which i felt deep down. Then came shouts just in front Of my house Mr Stanley and his team Of "home politicians" as i like to call them.

Stanley is my neighbour and he is a strong APC party member. They have a click on the Street where i Live, both PDP and APC. You could swear both parties have their Secretariat around the neighbourhood but no. They are constantly in a loud debate over the credibility Of each party. Nobody backs down and they never get to run out Of reasons to debate.

I frowned, all Of the quiet was gone. Now i had to bear the loud senseless debates if you ask me. But then some thing caught my attention and drove me into some critical thinking.

The PDP guy had challenged the APC guy stating some promises made by Mr President during his campaign and the APC guy jumped into the defence Of the APC stating two things.

1. He said, "See Buhari no talk like that, na the Party talk like that. Buhari na party"?

2. Even if Buhari talk like that, You sef no know say na election? All that talk na campaign talk. Guy in politics you need to dey sharp. E get wetin people wan hear and if you talk am you go win. As you win that one don pass

At this time i had begun to nurse a sincere concern for my country.

You know, a mentor Of mine stated "if we take away corruption, Nigerians still wont vote right. This is because they Lack the basic education to distinguish between good and evil".

I do agree!  I see this daily. People are jumping to the rescue and defence Of rapist, thieves and folks With Vices i cannot utter or type as it were. Look up our social media pages see the engagement. Never openly say something is not right on social media if you do not want to World to clamp down on you. With questions and statements like "Who made you the Judge" "Are you God" "Why cant people just Mind their business". the list is endless.

Our World basically is fast sinking because we have moved from being right to being winners Of the debate. If we win, that is all that counts.

Note: This thought has no political intentions. It is me stating the happenings around me for instructional purposes  and i will not be held responsible for any interpretation Outside the lesson provided.

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