See full List of LoveWorld International Music Awards (LIMA 1) 

The just concluded LoveWorld International Music Awards (LIMA 1)


Song Writer of the Decade - Sinach (plus $100,000 prize)

Song Writers of the Year - Ada, Eben (plus $50,000 prize)

Song Writer of the year (Star Project) - Israel Strong (plus $25,000 prize)

Worship Song of the year - "Holy Spirit" by Martin PK (plus $100,000 prize)

Hit Song of the Year - "Victory" by Eben (plus $50,000prize)

Hit Song of the Year (Star Project) - "Lights Everywhere" by Israel Strong

Music Producer of the Year - Kelly Lyon
Duo/Group of the Year - Jive Angels
Comedian of the Year - Chikancy

Best Choir - CEC Abuja Indomitable Choir
Best New Artistes - Wisdom, Jaiho

Most Effective Dance Group - Bold 5
Most Innovative Music Video - "Green Lights" by CSO

Collaboration of the Year - "We Triumph" by Peeyuu and Sophia
Best Songs of 2016 - 
Burning Fire' Rap Nation
'Your Name on the Miracle' Rap Nation
'He Did It Again' by Sinach
'Spreading on Every Side' by Sinach
'Send Me Everywhere' by CSO
'Everything is Well' by Jahdiel
'Jesus at the Center' by Eben
'God All By Yourself' by Eben
'Holy Spirit' by Martin PK
'iTestify' by Ada
'Jesus' by Ada
'We Reign' by Ada
'We Triumph' by PeeYuu and Sophia
'This Year' by Israel Strong
'Lights Everywhere' by Israel Strong
'I Sabi Who I Be' by Da Music
'If God Be for Me' by Frank Edwards
'the Man of Galilee' by PeeYuu
'Greatness' by the South Pacific Team
'Judah' by Buchi
'I Always Win' by Sophia
'Showers of Blessing' by the Apostle
'You Made It Work' by Rozey

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