The gospel artists and the wordly award – Olumati

The price for EXCELLENCE is reward, sometimes award and at other times public acknowledgement . To term any of these as "Worldly" is ignorance at a level. God understanding these things also promised us a price for excellence in the earth, when we get to heaven. Which is reward, award and acknowledgement if you like.

EXCELLENCE is a quality of God, it is so outstanding that we all cannot miss it, it cannot be ignored. If God were on earth HE would receive and be nominated for a multiplicity of awards but since he is not, we award HIM by the words of our testimonies, our offerings, our praise, our worship and all we can do showing that we acknowledge HIS magnanimity.

We are the image of God. Many people have limited the idea of "being the image of God" to a figure of structure. The "Image" of God means we embody God and EXCELLENCE is a part of God. When we master being like God in certain areas, we cannot miss being spotted, chosen and recognised to be awarded.

Really we know in parts. We all want to be awarded, rewarded and acknowledged in heaven but we lack understanding when we pray and say "thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven". The "will" of God is continuously present, not in the future, every passing day as the saint leave the earth, they are being awarded in heaven. Because we need to sound, feel or be perceived as spiritual, we resist the will of God in the earth and the unconscious stand we take is to be less than the image of God and that is failing at the standards of EXCELLENCE and while screaming "Worldly"

Photo illustration : Fhri Khristian and
Abimbola Sampson my power couple.

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