My mum made me go into fashion designing – Nancy Aduko, CEO, NANAkoncept

Nancy Tamunosiki Aduko is an artistic Nigerian-born, fashion designer who founded Nanakoncept, a clothing company based in Portharcourt. She hails from Okrika in Rivers state , Nigeria. She's surprisingly 20 years old and a Level 300 student.

Education: Gregory University in (Utru) Nigeria
Organisation founded: NanaKoncept

See the interview below;

Soje: Good evening Nana
Nana: Good evening

Soje: I hope you good
Nana: yes I am

Soje: Thank you for taking time off your busy schedule
Nana: No problem

Soje: What favorite quote/mantra do you live by?
Nana: Only I can do what I can do best (Gifted Hands, Ben Carson)

Soje: What sparked your interest in fashion?
Nana: My Mum.

Soje: your mum? Interesting ! Can you shed a little light on that.
Nana: OK. When I was much younger, she would always call me as her 1st daughter and child.. to help pick outfit for her for events. That drew my attention to it. So I thought.. Why don't I just get them prepared before she asks..

Soje: interesting
Soje: You studying Accounting at Gregory university in (Utru) Nigeria and also never worked for anyone else. Why did you launch your own label straight away?
Nana: I believe in starting with what one has, I have to believe in myself before any does... Because sometimes you wait for people to come around but no one does.

Soje: How do you balance creativity with business?
Nana: I see creativity as style. But then sometimes your clients are not moved by new creations are not moved by your clients so I try to give them what they want with a dose of my style so business can move. Clients rather ain't moved by some new creations.

Soje: What is the biggest lesson you have learned since you started your fashion company?
Nana: Well, I have learnt that there are a couple of uncertainties, so I have to keep giving my best and try to maintain some level of good communication with your clients and potential ones too.

Soje: Where do you find the inspiration for each Nana (fashion) collection?
Nana: A lot.. majorly decency

Soje: Where do you see Nana in 5 years’ time?
Nana: I see Nana as one of the top fashion line in Nigeria and Africa too

Soje: What advice would you give to aspiring fashion designers?
Nana: Believe in yourself and have a good relationship with God

Soje: Would you ever consider designing menswear?
Nana: I am considering that already

Soje: I hope to wear one of your clothing line soon. Hahaha haha.
Nana: yes you will.

Soje: Thank you so much Nana it's been an amazing 30 mins with you. I hope our young Fashion designers and anyone considering fashion designing learnt a lot. Have a wonderful evening dear

Call: +2348069143294 to place your order(s)
Instagram: @Iamnancyduks


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