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At 12 midnight, Cinderella was going to transform right back to that poor girl who is being maltreated with her scrub brush right in her hand. Her cabbage truck would change right back to a regular farm cabbage as the fairy dust would wear out and my, my, my, was it a fairytale disaster. To her credit though, Cinderella was smart to consider leaving her glass slipper behind - a clue, come get Prince, but such is the propensity for fairytales to go awfully awry.
Fairytales are what they are, fairytales. They're not real. You see in fairytales these damsels never really put in much towards what they want, they somehow are already perfect for it. You even find yourself join them in wishing it happens for them, but seriously does this work out here in the real world where Disney brushes and strokes aren't the creators of reality? I digress. The focal point of today's Waffle is "fantasy Weddings". Admit it, it's kinda like the trend to create swoon-worthy wedding ceremonies these days. Matter of fact, you probably have a catalogue of magazines laden with wedding concepts. From pre-wedding photographs right down to the aso-ebi.


Weddings these days are the real competition, the mark of romance, the gauge for how Tush, the couple are or how long their marriage will last. If you're a lady you're probably holding on to a knife right now waiting for me to attempt to criticise it so you have a go at me and if you're a guy like me, you're probably just terrified at what standards you would have to beat to ensure your lady's fairytale wedding is a reality.
Am I saying a lavish wedding isn't necessary? Well if you have the resources, by all means make the world stop spinning on that day but really, let's all get this, the wedding will not be the determinant for how the marriage will work.
Lots of fairytale Weddings these days and yet divorce rate is going up, you don't need to look too far to see what I'm saying - a certain Tiwa *coughs* and that suicidal hubby ( I feel your pain Bro, keep hope alive). Maybe we've taken our eyes off the ball just a wee bit and of course that's going to cost a lot in any life long engagements (no pun intended).


What we need to do, is not attempt a fairytale wedding but attempt something much more eternal, something which made our Disney experience unique, what we need to do is plan the fairytale marriage. What we need to do is plan to live happily ever after!
Until next time, I'm the one and only Sharpman Olumati. Stay happy

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