Great and Lovely Mama Africa

The Africa I knew was a continent that fought for the freedom, human rights and civil rights of their people.

The Africa I knew was a continent with great mineral resources and so endowed that even Herodotus the father of History described ancient Egypt as a land of great wonders and inventions.

But to my greatest dismay those days are bygone and Africa is now wallowing in its ignorance and sinking, because we have abandoned our culture and tradition and are after Western lifestyles.

Cheetah and cubs
Cheetah and cubs

The current African leaders are not visionaries, infant they are the cancer killing Africa. They lack the quality of leadership and what it takes to make Africa great or a superpower.

Africa needs the likes of Lee Kwa Yeu, men with great vision and mission to emancipate us from mental slavery and poverty, because Africa as a continent lacks cohesion, unity and cooperation.

If Africa could be united as a continent the rest of the world would crumble. We have to set our heads together and do what's right for Africa.

Our politicians and leaders always tell us that the youths are the leaders of tomorrow but these same leaders have stolen our future and tomorrow by denying us education.

Africa was known as the cradle of ancient civilization and the first place where mankind ever walked on the earth but today Africa is often referred to as a continent of unrest, poverty, terrorism and the darkest continent.

The future of the younger generation is extremely in doubt as our politicians and leaders only sorts for the betterment and uplifting of themselves and their immediate families.

The only thing that makes us Africans is that we blame and point accusing fingers on our colonial masters and the West, meanwhile we are our own failure and woes due of our ineptitude and unusable skills in the sphere of science and technology.

I pray that Africa would rise to the top someday and the rest of the world would refrain from their derogatory and abusive words which they use to describe Africa.

This is my wish, prayer and heart desire for Africa, but we have to work it out with the help of God.

God bless Africa.



- Ebundola Ayodele

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