Life is full of risks. We are either taking these risks or playing save. Either ways we are left blinded behind the possible outcomes of our risk or our safe play.

I see this photo and I am drawn to all its variability’s. I am captivated by its beauty and artistry. The artistry that allows the woman have that pose with the semblance of a peahen conscious of its beauty and flaunting it under the watchful eyes of an admiring peacock.

I am also careful to note the condition of the lady in the photo. She is pregnant and standing on a small ladder. That is indeed risky. Falling off that ladder in that condition might have no remedy. Isn’t it interesting that we all have a condition that does not support our risk regardless of how beautiful the possible outcome would be if we scaled through?

I looked at the picture and one of my foremost reaction was frown at the risk involved in having an almost due mother climb a ladder for a pose. But then on a second though I realized that my reaction is a reflection to how society would react at the thought of taking a risk regardless of its intended outcome. Everyone is playing safe.

I have admired this picture over and over again and I am deeply inspired by the courage of this mother to ignore her condition and challenge to give the world this photo which we all relish in and admire.

Your condition is not really a challenge to your purpose or greatness. Your unwillingness to ignore you’re your condition and stick to your purpose is.

There are too many people whose possibilities of becoming great lie behind some risk but they have been numbed out of fear of the possibilities of all the negatives that could arise.

There are the possibilities of the lady in that picture:

-  She could fall off the ladder have forced painful labour

-  She could fall off the ladder and lose the baby

- She could fall of the ladder and lose both the baby and her life

-  She could fall of the ladder, survive but cause the baby some health deformation and this include all kinds of deformation, for physical to mental

- The last option is, none of these could happen. We would have a beautiful emotional picture to just fall in love with.

The last option is obviously what we have. Now you are smiling…..

I have lived with this saying for a long time “Nothing, absolutely nothing is impossible to a willing heart”.

Step out of your condition, step out of what you are going through, so you can get to where you are going to.

Today I challenge to, to ignore your condition like the woman in the photo and make your life happen. Make you dreams come true. You limitations are unreal. Take that Risk!

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