Shell Petroleum Initiates #WeAreSorry campaign to plead to Niger Delta and other communities

Royal Dutch Shell also operating as Shell Petroleum Development Corporation (SPDC) in Nigeria has publicly admitted the double standards within the company that has jeopardized it's operations and various communities around the world leading to environmental damages.

The Problems In Niger Delta

For years Shell has operated within Nigeria especially the Niger Delta Region which has lead to several oil spileage and environmental destruction, etc. These ills had put the company through many court cases and head-to-head disputes with communities within the Niger Delta leading to militia groups erupting within the region such as Niger Delta Avengers, etc.

These disputes and militia bodies leads to the rise of kidnapping (especially expatriate kidnappings) within the region in the past decade.

The death of the Ogoni leader Ken Saro-Wiwa was also in connection with the double standard operations of SPDC.

SPDC and corrupt Government Officials

Several cases has been filed in courts against the company's shady dealings with various government officials including the most recent Malibu Oil Block purchases that were in connection with the Jonathan administration.

#WeAreSorry Campaign

The company led by the new management team has come forward to publicly admit their wrong doings and plead to the general public for forgiveness and also promised to change and take positive steps to repair as much demages as they can within the communities they have caused several damages.

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